DTM#3 recap and announcement Mini-Competition #4: Viva Italia!

The next DTM mini-championship will bring us to the land of Pasta, Monza and Alfa. Registration is open now. The tracks this time are all Kunos-made tracks, so no mods need to be downloaded. First, we’ll be heading to Rome for the Vallelunga circuit in the classic layout. Next, we’ll head up north to Milan for Monza’s 1966 junior course. Finally, we’ll go back south to Tuscany’s Mugello track for a final race.

I hope to see you there!

Recap of mini-championship #3

January 21st was already the third edition of our DTM mini-championships. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event myself so there’s no VOD to re-watch this time around. However, there were still twelve contenders for the title. Read on if you want to know how they did!

New Jersey Motorsports Park

The first race was at New Jersey Motorsports Park on the Thunderbolt Circuit layout. DUB STAR qualified in first (1:07.131), half a second in front of Hat Waeijen (1:07.666). Third place position went to dub star (1:07.942).

The race fell prey to, once again, DUB STAR. A surprise second position went to Pavel Doležal, while dub star jumped Hat Waeijen to hold on to his third place. DUB STAR also drove the fastest lap, putting a 1:07.503 on the boards.

Riverside (short)

The subsequent race saw us visit Riverside’s short layout. Bob van Ingen (1:23.811) was able to break DUB STAR’s stranglehold on pole positions, by beating him for a couple hundred’s of a second (1:23.899). Third place went to dub star (1:24.041).

DUB STAR was able to correct the record in the race, beating Bob van Ingen for the top spot of the podium. Bob came home in second, with dub star taking his third place starting position home again. DUB STAR’s 1:24.034 meant he was also able to put the fastest lap on the boards for this race.

Watkins Glen (short)

The final race took place at the legendary Watkins Glen circuit, albeit the short layout. Jeroen Jongen achieved pole position (1:17.585), ahead of swa cura (1:17.861) and Guido Trampe (1:18.003) as DUB STAR was unable to put a time on the boards.

Despite the lack of qualifying, DUB STAR was able to fight back to a second place finish taking the fastest lap home as well (1:17.505). Swa cura took the honours by crossing the finish line in first position, while dub star rounded out the podium in third.

Championship result

These race results means that DUB STAR was able to take away top honours for a second time in a row (58 points). Swa cura was able to achieve a second spot (52 points), while dub star came in third (50 points). Guido Trampe, Pavel Doležal and Bob van Ingen share fourth position.

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