It’s A Good Day To Be ‘A’ Felix

all thanks to this guy

Long have we been ridiculed. Our name, dragged through mud. Bullied, because our name resembles a famous cat’s name. No more. No longer, because the hero pictured above just broke multiple world records. He’s the hero we need, but don’t deserve. Yada yada, insert more movie references here.

The fact is, and remains, that this guy is a badass. He just jumped out of a hot-air balloon at an altitude of roughly 39 kilometres, roughly 120K feet. Why? Because he wanted to. He’s such a badass, he broke the sound barrier and flew 1,2 mach, or roughly 1300km/h to the ground below him. I thank him. Not only for being such a hero, but for being a Felix, and proving how great us Felix’s can be when we feel like it. In honour of this particular Felix, I’ll be jumping off the roof of my house (roughly 15 meters high) with an umbrella.

No, not really. Duh.

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