I Made My Vlogging Debut Driving A Ferrari Around Zandvoort

So, my sister bribed me with racing a Ferrari across Zandvoort in order for me to appear in one of her blogs. Now I normally don’t want to appear on video (I hate my face and my voice, not a good combo for video’s), but for this one I made an exception. We sepparately drove Ferrari F430’s across the track, and it was… awesome. Sadly, you can’t see me driving across the circuit (driving a Ferrari at 200km/h through Arie Luyendijk is hard enough as it is), but still, here’s the video.

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  1. July 26, 2019

    […] I’ve visited Zandvoort once before, but I had never watched a race, never felt the roar of the engines pass through my stomach. All that changed on sunday the 14th of July. See/read below for my experiences! […]

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