Video: MrGit’s ACC League Round 2 – Brands Hatch

This week, I was preparing for round 5 of MrGit’s ACC league. Sadly, it got cancelled for an as of yet unknown reason. This doesn’t mean I can’t do a highlights video, no. I hadn’t made any video’s for the first two races, Monza and Brands Hatch. Well, make that only the first race now, as I present to you my highlights video for the Brands Hatch race.

This race consisted of two qualifying sessions first, followed by two 30 minutes races. My results for qualifying:

The first race was fairly uneventful. I lost a place at the start and made up a place during the race finishing the same position I started: 9th. However, after this first race, I accidentally quit the race. Luckily I could rejoin, but my Q2 result was erased so instead of starting 8th, I had to start at the back (20th).

What followed was a fairly eventful race with loads of overtaking but also crashes ahead of me, meaning I made it all the way to 7th in the second race result!


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