Video: MrGit’s ACC League Round 6 – Zolder

Another week, another race in MrGit’s ACC League. Last sunday, I had to race home in order to make it in time for free practice. I didn’t have much practice, which might negatively affect me at the start. Without much further ado, here’s the video;

The first qualifying session was a bit of a bust, with a seventh spot. The second was a whole lot better, with a second spot reserved for the grey/orange beast. 

The first race started well. I got up to sixth and was preparing a defence against Nico Driesch, only for my PC to crash (the first time in months). I could reconnect, but I was already 3 laps behind meaning I was 14th out of 14.

The second race I should have started 2nd, but the same bug as on Misano happened: Race 2 took the result from Q1 instead of Q2.

Furthermore, the same happened when I disconnected at Brands: I had to start from behind.

Luckily, the 7th spot on the grid was empty and my co-racers let me get to my spot during the full formation lap (not pictured). One guy was sort of blocking, so I didn’t try to force anything. Still, starting 8th is a lot better than 14th, but it should really have been 2nd.

In a very eventful race (seriously, I had 26 clips from 11 events during the race) I managed to bring it home to third!



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