Video: MrGit’s ACC League Round 4 – Paul Ricard

After last week’s race and subsequent video from the 90 minute race on Silverstone, I couldn’t resist creating another one.

This time around, the circus landed in the south of France for a race around the famous Paul Ricard circuit. Featuring a decent drive from 8th on the grid, to 6th at the finish line. This race was quite tame for me, but I did get a lot of enjoyment out of slowly catching up to the #6 for 45 minutes and to overtake him three minutes before the end of the race. Furthermore, the setting sun resulted in some breathtaking vistas, of which you can see a bit in the video.

This result saw me climb in the standings to an overall sixth position. I think this might be the highest attainable position for me since the guys above me are clearly faster, but maybe I get a lucky break next race(s), the double header in Misano!

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