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Video: MrGit’s ACC League Round 4 – Paul Ricard

After last week’s race and subsequent video from the 90 minute race on Silverstone, I couldn’t resist creating another one. This time around, the circus landed in the south of France for a race around the famous Paul Ricard circuit. Featuring a decent drive from 8th on the grid, to 6th at the finish line. This race was quite tame...


Design: Annemerel.com Promo

My sister is a quite well-known/read blogger and vlogger in The Netherlands, primarily in the health/lifestyle-segment. Running is her thing, and everything that encompasses it – be it healthy food or (running) shoes. She is doing pretty well for herself, of which I’m pretty proud. While I’m not trying to put my nose too far up her ass (god forbid...

Videogame ánd Music? Why yes, it’s Audiosurf 2! 0

Videogame ánd Music? Why yes, it’s Audiosurf 2!

I made a video. Of a song. In a videogame. Impossible? Nope, it’s Audiosurf 2, the follow up to the critically acclaimed Audiosurf. Originally going to be called ‘Audiosurf: Air’, it’s now simply called ‘Audiosurf 2’. And I’m okay with that. It’s awesome. Don’t trust me? You can buy it here, and try it for yourself. It’s still in early...

Lets Play: Super Hexagon 0

Lets Play: Super Hexagon

This game is hard as fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

THE Best Compilation. Ever. 0

THE Best Compilation. Ever.

Forget all those generic fail-compilations. This is the real work. It’s got everything: action, drama, comedy, thrills and chills. Watch it, I promise it’ll be more than worth the ten minutes it takes.  

Yes, I’m doing ‘Lets Plays’ now. 0

Yes, I’m doing ‘Lets Plays’ now.

Part 1:   Part 2:   6 more to come… to be continued (obviously!).