My first venture into selling something online.

Yesterday, I was visiting my parents. While travelling, I saw more and more people putting on their steels to skate on the ice. It made me want to follow their example, but I don’t have iceskates. So, I borrowed my father’s skates. Hilarity ensued.

I haven’t accumulated more than ten hours of experience in my life. Naturally, when I took to the ice, I almost fell over backwards. Then forwards. Then sideways. I’m proud to say that, even after ten minutes of almost falling over, I never did fall over. But as you can imagine, watching me that ten minutes, wasn’t anything pretty. There were 5 year old children laughing at my attempts to keep standing upright.

I think (hope) the problem was in the skates. My ankles where wobbling all over the place, being used to icehockey-skates. I’m hoping that, if I have fitting hockeyskates, my stability will improve. So I browsed some webpages from sports-stores, and saw some neat steels. Alas, half an hour after I saw them online, they where dropped from the store, sold out.

Because my budget isn’t that big, I looked for my old skates. They are still in mint condition, having used them for only an hour or so. I’m currently trying to sell them on ‘’, which is a Dutch version of ebay. I thought selling them for about €30,- would result in numerous people wanting to buy them. The demand is high, and the stores are sold out. But after placing them on the site, with a nice little picture and a, if I might say so myself, perfect description, I have so far accumulated 6 views, and sadly no offers.

Now, I’m bound to my PC. I have asked people to either mail or call me, but my cellphone is currently charging. I’m affraid of leaving it behind even if I go to the toilet, what if I miss a call? The I would have to go through the nuisance of calling that person back.

Also, is unfair. My advert is not even in the top 30 pages in it’s category. You have to pay big money to get higher. I will only get views if people use a search query. I’m unwilling to pay for something which will only give me 30€’s. Which is probably why I won’t sell them anytime soon.

Whatever it is, I’m still sitting here, waiting.


PS: want to see my advert? It’s HERE.

And here’s a quick pic of my skates. Mint condition, size 39. Please buy!

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