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How To Make Dota 2 eSports Even Better

I love Dota 2. I love playing it, and I love watching live tournaments – online. However, something has started to bother me. While some teams get invited, they perform poorly. Exemplified by the victory of Team OG today, a new team which showed every directly invited team who’s boss. Do we really need direct invites anymore? If you’re like me, you just saw Team OG take a convincing victory over Team Secret in the final of the Frankfurt Major, taking 1.1 million dollar of prize money from the 3...



Starring: Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeff Daniels Director: Rian Johnson Genre: Action Runtime: 119 minutes What do you do when someone kills your beloved wife? Do you mourn your loss? Not Joe (Bruce Willis). He travels back in time, to eradicate the one responsible for her death before he even reaches his teens. But in order to reach the kid, he has to deal with his younger self (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Paradox much? This premise can be very confusing, as there are multiple theories about time-travel. Just look at the differences...

MOVIE REVIEW: The Bourne Legacy 0

MOVIE REVIEW: The Bourne Legacy

Starring: Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz Director: Tony Gilroy Genre: Action Runtime:  135 minutes What do you do when a computer program fails? You close it. When that doesn’t help? You open the task manager, and force close it. And if that doesn’t work, switch the power off. That is essentially what is happening at the start of ‘The Bourne Legacy’. While Jason Bourne is running rampage, CIA directors decide it is time to pull the plug on the program, and eliminate any trace of it. This is why...

MOVIE REVIEW: 13 Assassins 0

MOVIE REVIEW: 13 Assassins

Starring: A lot of Japanese actors I don’t know Director: Takashi Miike Genre: Action/ Historic Drama Runtime: 141 minutes I’ve seen, prior to this one, exactly 1 other film by Takashi Miike. I once  went through a bargain bin and found ‘Ichi The Killer’. Intrigued by the horrible clichéd title, I bought it and watched it. What I saw was one of the most insanely sadistic movies ever. And I loved it. Now this. 13 Assassins takes place in 1844 Japan. It tells a fictional story, with some historical elements...

MOVIE REVIEW: Get The Gringo 0

MOVIE REVIEW: Get The Gringo

Starring: Mel Gibson Director: Adrian Grunberg Genre: Action Runtime: 96 minutes Mel Gibson is back. For once, he isn’t talking to beavers, making antisemitic movies, or driving drunk on the highway proclaiming the world is ruled by a jewish conspiracy. No. He’s back. In a good way. ‘Get The Gringo’, a new action movie starring the 80’s movie hero, is a ‘back-to-basics’ for Gibson. No ulterior motives, no hidden messages. Just an action movie, with a good ‘Ocean’s Eleven’-like plot set in Mexico.