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A little update on the holiday game giveaway, which is still open for new entries, as I now have all the games that are going to be given away. As a proof this is not a scam, I’ll post a screenshot of my steam inventory after the jump. As of now, just 19 people ‘like’ FELIXDICIT on Facebook, seeing as I have 13 games to give away, if you enter now you are more than likely to be given a free game!

THE5: Best Indie Games I’ve Played 0

THE5: Best Indie Games I’ve Played

We’re back baby! After regretfully forgetting to compile a list last week, I’m now back on track with another addition, the third to be exact, to ‘THE5’, with this weeks topic: Best Indie Games I’ve Played. What are the rules for this list, you say? Well, the games need be ‘indie-developed’, which means the games aren’t backed by a publisher, like EA, Activision or Ubisoft. The second criteria for it to be on this list, is that I should have at least played it once. I can’t judge on games...