A little update on the holiday game giveaway, which is still open for new entries, as I now have all the games that are going to be given away. As a proof this is not a scam, I’ll post a screenshot of my steam inventory after the jump. As of now, just 19 people ‘like’ FELIXDICIT on Facebook, seeing as I have 13 games to give away, if you enter now you are more than likely to be given a free game!

Please note that I do have a copy of Saints Row: the Third to give away, but that one is in the form of a code, and not in my steam inventory at the moment. If I would activate the code, it would result in nothingness.

Do you want to enter the ‘competition’? You can click here for an explanation on how to enter. You can enter untill December 31st, you’ll be contacted on January 1st whether you’ve won or not. Good luck!

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