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THE Best Compilation. Ever. 0

THE Best Compilation. Ever.

Forget all those generic fail-compilations. This is the real work. It’s got everything: action, drama, comedy, thrills and chills. Watch it, I promise it’ll be more than worth the ten minutes it takes.  

THE5: Best Indie Games I’ve Played 0

THE5: Best Indie Games I’ve Played

We’re back baby! After regretfully forgetting to compile a list last week, I’m now back on track with another addition, the third to be exact, to ‘THE5’, with this weeks topic: Best Indie Games I’ve Played. What are the rules for this list, you say? Well, the games need be ‘indie-developed’, which means the games aren’t backed by a publisher, like EA, Activision or Ubisoft. The second criteria for it to be on this list, is that I should have at least played it once. I can’t judge on games...

THE5: Best Fictional Friendships 0

THE5: Best Fictional Friendships

Today is saturday, which means it’s time for another list of 5 things. With this weeks topic, fictional friendships. Wait, what? Has he lost his mind? No, and if you care to read, this is quite a good topic, if I might say so myself. These fictional friendships can be anything, from books, television, video games, movies, anything, as long as it’s fictional. So let’s kick this off with number 5, after the jump.

THE5: Television Comedy Series 0

THE5: Television Comedy Series

I have previously announced that I would be making lists of five things I either like, need, or dislike. That was 1.5 weeks ago. I couldn’t write one last week due to my exam, but I’ve kept my promise with today’s first official installment of ‘The 5’, in which I will inform you of my favourite, currently running television series.  If I where to include cancelled shows, I couldn’t fit it down just five. Keep an eye out in the future, I might make another list for cancelled shows.