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Delving into the mystery of Game of Thrones’ ‘Azor Ahai’

‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, better known as Game of Thrones  (GoT) has a very rich mythology. The world in which it is set is nearly as fleshed out as Lord of the Rings’ Middle Earth. However, unlike Lord of the Rings, George RR Martin’s series has not been finished yet. Therefore, a lot of the mythos has not received a definitive answer by the author. One of these open-ended discussions is the prophecy of Azor Ahai. In this post, I will disclose my theory on who Azor Ahai are (yes, are). First...

Multimedia Wrap Up (Week 47, 2013) 0

Multimedia Wrap Up (Week 47, 2013)

This weekly post serves as a way to communicate to you everything I watched, listened to or played that I want you to know about. Be it an awesome movie, a great song, a terrible game or the best episode of a TV-show I’ve ever seen; they will all be posted in the Multimedia Wrap Up. TV – South Park S17E08 “A Song of Ass and Fire” South Park is currently on a three-episode story arch, just like they did on “Imaginationland”. The first episode last week set the stage,...

Game of Thrones S03 – only 30 more days. 0

Game of Thrones S03 – only 30 more days.

I must say, waiting for season 3 was less hard than I had expected. However, there are still 30 more days of waiting ahead of me: the first episode will be broadcast march 31st – meaning us Europeans can download it the monday morning afterwards, the 1st of april. Above is the ‘extended’ trailer to season 3. It is about 10 seconds longer than the one I’ve seen before, and features at least some minor flashes of unseen clips. Not really as extended as I hoped it would be, but...

Is HBO Just Shitting out these Great Series? 0

Is HBO Just Shitting out these Great Series?

Game of Thrones has only just started its second season, but HBO is already filling the gap after the season’s finale. Enter ‘The Newsroom’, a politically themed drama about a news anchor snapping, and trying to make a change. At least, that’s what this trailer above is trying to make me believe. The series features Jeff Daniels (Dumb & Dumber) as Will McAvoy, the news anchor in question, and his producer Mackenzie MacHale (Emily Mortimer, as known from ‘Shutter Island’ and ‘Hugo’).