Multimedia Wrap Up (Week 47, 2013)

This weekly post serves as a way to communicate to you everything I watched, listened to or played that I want you to know about. Be it an awesome movie, a great song, a terrible game or the best episode of a TV-show I’ve ever seen; they will all be posted in the Multimedia Wrap Up.

TV – South Park S17E08 “A Song of Ass and Fire”
South Park is currently on a three-episode story arch, just like they did on “Imaginationland”. The first episode last week set the stage, but wasn’t really that extraordinary. At the start of the episode, I didn’t even realise it was going to be an arch. Only until the end of the episode did I realise they were setting the stage for something much bigger. And that paid off in the second episode of the arch. There were great parodies of Game of Thrones, of the whole ‘Xbox vs. PlayStation’-fanboy flamewars and of corporate greed. All in all, I absolutely loved it, and I can’t wait for the third episode in the arch. South Park has won an Emmy for “Imaginationland”, I’m sure they will win one for this arch as well.

Movie: Prisoners (2013)
I had this on my ‘to watch’-list for more than a week, but I had seen the trailer. It seemed like a very moving drama, and it is not everyday you want to watch such a dark film. I was actually waiting for a good comedy to come out and watch that immediately afterwards, but eventually my curiosity won me over. This movie, as stated, is a drama. It features Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman as the main characters, with a notable supporting cast including Paul Dano, Terrence Howard, and others. It’s a good movie. Even though I sort of knew who they needed to be chasing, its story kept surprising me with new developments. I suggest you see it, you could spend your nights worse. However, please do watch something light-hearted immediately afterwards.

TV – Avatar: The Legend of Korra S02E11 – S02E14
After Nickelodeons series ‘Avatar: the Legend of Aang’ finished, it took the creators four years to create a successor. The first series was somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine, but with the second series, the concept has matured, as well as the audience. The first season was good, but this second season might even be better. Last saturday, the final four episodes of the second season appeared online, just a few minutes too late to make it into last week’s wrap-up. It has certainly answered a lot of questions about the Avatar-universe, but it has created some new ones. All in all, these four episodes made a good watch, keeping me busy for about two hours.

Game: Pinball FX2 (Humble Weekly Sale)
If you haven’t played Space Cadet 3D Pinball ever, you’re probably too young or you didn’t have a healthy childhood. The game was the pinnacle of what you’d call a timesink; I have no idea how many hours I stuck into playing that game and beating my highscore. Now there’s this game, Pinball FX2, which is actually quite good. The base game is free, but that is hampered by absurdly high prices to unlock other tables. Luckily, and that’s why I’m writing this, there’s a great sale going on at the Humble Bundle Store. If you don’t know the concept: it’s pay what you want and you get the featured games (in this case, tables). If you beat the average though (which is 6$ at the moment) you get extra bonus games (=tables). If you buy it on Steam, you’d pay about €7.99 for three tables, now you can pay €4.50 for about 20 tables. Great value, and great fun. Check out this video from the renowned TotalBiscuit if this is something for you.

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