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WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [11] (Week 15, 2012) 2

WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [11] (Week 15, 2012)

I just woke up. Say what? Yeah, I just woke up. I can hear you think, why in the hell did you just wake up at 21:45. I had some trouble sleeping last night, firstly due to the complete terror my housemates where causing, and when that had subsided, a mouse decided to jump on my arm. After that, I was so full of utter disgust, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I might have had a total of sixty minutes of sleeping time last night, so when I came home I...

Wednesday’s Weekly [4] (Week 8, 2012) 1

Wednesday’s Weekly [4] (Week 8, 2012)

Wow. Today, Im fairly pissed off, and unbelievably tired. I havent got much time to write though, Im typing this quickly on my cell phone. Basically what happened is as follows. My housemate celebrated his 21st birthday yesterday. I had to get up at 6:30AM, but I promised I would go with them to a bar for a few hours. At 00:30AM, having drank 3 beers, I bid them goodbye and went home to sleep, after asking them to stay quiet. I got home, webt to bed but couldnt sleep....