Wednesday’s Weekly [4] (Week 8, 2012)

Wow. Today, Im fairly pissed off, and unbelievably tired. I havent got much time to write though, Im typing this quickly on my cell phone.

Basically what happened is as follows. My housemate celebrated his 21st birthday yesterday. I had to get up at 6:30AM, but I promised I would go with them to a bar for a few hours. At 00:30AM, having drank 3 beers, I bid them goodbye and went home to sleep, after asking them to stay quiet.

I got home, webt to bed but couldnt sleep. When I finally could, my housemates came home and continued partying. In the room next to mine. I was furious, told them to be quiet, sended them texts, calling them on their phones, banged on the wall. Nothing changed. So I waited.

I waited for two hours for them to finally shut up. By then, it was 4:30AM. I was so angry and full with adrenaline, I couldnt sleep anymore. I tried too. But when it had become 6 o clock I decided to just give up and take a shower.

Im now in Amsterdam, just finished my first class. The amount of coffee ive drank to keep my self awake, has resulted in a severe case of diarrhea. Ill be finished at 3 o clock, will be home around 5:30. At 6:30, I have to be present at another party, so theres no time to catch some z’s.

Im properly fucked. I can fall asleep anytime now. Dammit.

UPDATE: I skipped the latter half of my last class. My eyes where shutting down, my head was falling onto my table… You get the point. So, I went home an hour early. I called to confirm the party at 6:30, but that has been pushed back to 10:30PM. I can get some well fucking deserved sleep. Finally.

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