WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [11] (Week 15, 2012)

I just woke up. Say what? Yeah, I just woke up. I can hear you think, why in the hell did you just wake up at 21:45. I had some trouble sleeping last night, firstly due to the complete terror my housemates where causing, and when that had subsided, a mouse decided to jump on my arm. After that, I was so full of utter disgust, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I might have had a total of sixty minutes of sleeping time last night, so when I came home I decided to take a nap. The nap proved to be a bit more than that, seeing as I slept for five hours straight.

Yesterday, I registered with KSVR Njord with three other housemates to form a rowing crew, something which I have done last year as well. Following the registration, I had a few drinks at the club, but went home right in time. I had class today, so I didn’t want to ruin my morning by being hung over. As things would turn out to be, this was to no avail.

I’ve just turned on my TV and am currently watching Mean Girls. Watching this movie is kind of tradition among my yearclub, after seeing it two times in a row (mainly because everybody was too lazy to get up and switch the DVD) after someones birthday party.

I don’t really know what to write anymore. I’m writing this from my bed and actually, all I want to do is to lie down again, still not having slept off my tiredness. But I have to get out, in order to preserve my day and night rhythm. I’ll probably cook up a dinner containing some leftovers. I don’t know. I only have a pot of peas, a can of sausages and some bread. Don’t worry, I’ll manage. I just hope that mouse doesn’t come back for round two.

Signing off,


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  1. contactverbod2.0 says:

    waar is die balloze kat ook als je hem nodig hebt.

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