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#Syria: Just a Civil War? 0

#Syria: Just a Civil War?

Trying to understand, and above all, make sense of what is happening in Syria for the last few weeks is like a rollercoaster in zero gravity. Nothing makes sense. The carts could go either way, up or down. Suddenly, Putin is the one using diplomacy (source: The New York Times), while Obama is thinking of aiding a known subsidiary of al-Qaeda. Hell has officially frozen over. What is going on, and why? This blog post is going to try to make sense of it all. Trying, because it is THE...


The Fourth Power: Media’s Role in Politics

Let’s go for something different now, a change of pace. Something serious. Being a Political Science major, I (have to) read a lot of political themed literature. Not all of them are easy to read through, especially the older works from the likes of Hobbes and Locke are quite hard to read if you are not a native english speaker. I imagine that even people who do have english as their first language, find it hard to understand what is written down by these enlightened philosophers. But what I do understand,...