Wednesday’s Weekly [7] (Week 11, 2012)

Is it wednesday already? Geez. And only one post this last week? Come on, Felix, keep it together.

Now to leave the internal monologue in my head, I’ll discuss what’s up in the following entry. But first, look at the new features on the blog! Aren’t they pretty? It took a lot of finetuning to get it right, but I think that effort has paid off. A new header, and a menu on top of it, with a fancy drop-down thingy. I mean, wow. Ain’t that some shit. It almost looks like a professional blog now. Almost. So close.

Where was I? Ah. I think I have some explaining to do, regarding my last and only post this week. Yeah, I was a bit drunk while writing that. I had to write an essay, as stated, and I thought, well, I can do it outside in the sun. But, I was not the only one out there. Wine was poured, wine was drank. I hadn’t eaten a lot at that point, which, in combination with the sun, made it rise a bit to my head. Because I still needed to write that essay, but couldn’t come up with anything good, I started blogging.

Today, I received a grade for it, which wasn’t bad considering. A 7-, could be a lot worse. I didn’t dare reading what I had written though.

So yeah. I just came back from Amsterdam. The sun didn’t dare show it’s face again after monday, unfortunately. But then again, this is Holland, so I wasn’t expecting that much anyway.

I got an offer through a text message stating I can go to the vodafone store to pick up a new cellphone. I’m still trying to decide which one to take. I’d like the new HTC One-X, but that one isn’t even in the stores yet, and I have to decide this month. I’m not going to pick up a Samsung, even though they are great phones, they feel like cheap toys while carrying them. I want a sturdy, heavy phone, just like my current phone (HTC HD2).

So yeah, that’s about it what keeps me busy at the moment. I will have a very busy week for university this week, so there might not be a lot of posts coming this week. Or maybe there are, as a way to avoid studying. Only time will tell. The only thing I can be sure of, is that I’ll see you again next week, for another Wednesday’s Weekly.

Signing off,


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