WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [12] (Week 16, 2012)

Hello and welcome to my newest Wednesday’s weekly. It’s been a while since I last posted (sunday), but now you can finally enjoy another addition to the literary filth that is this blog. Let me start by apologizing because I failed to make a ‘THE5’ post last saturday. Because of the madness my new phone awoke in my head, I totally forgot about making another list. I’ve already thought of a good subject for it, so there is zero chance I’ll forget it again. I promise.

As for the video’s that accompanied the new phone, I’m not sure if I would do more. Maybe given the right situation. I’ve received mixed comments, but I’m too insecure about it to make another one directly after these

Anyway, I’ll fill you in on my week. You probably already know that I have a new phone (if not, the last three posts are about it) so I’m not going to waste another word on that subject. But besides that, I don’t have much to tell. It’s been a slow week. I did some homework, watched some TV, and went drinking monday night (after which my Tuesday was pretty much useless because I felt like shit. I did manage to get some work done, but not much.

What is interesting is that I have a string of birthday’s coming up. Today sees the 23rd birthday of one of my housemates, tomorrow will be my mother’s 51st birthday, and the day after that is my little sister’s 17th birthday.

As for my mother’s birthday, I aim to be a better son this year. Last year made me feel awful after almost forgetting to even give a phone call. This year it will be different, I just bought a present and I aim to go to my parents’ around 4 o’clock. Seeing as I won’t be drinking tonight, I guess this is pretty much achievable. No, it is, and I will. Fun fact, that birthday wasn’t the only one I forgot last year, but that’s a whole other story I’m not going to tell. Some might already know, but I won’t be going into any details there.

As for my little sister’s birthday, I had (as I thought would be) the perfect present, but it turned out differently than I expected. Now, I don’t have a present for her (as of yet). I’m open to suggestions. Just don’t suggest anything in public, as she would probably read it which would ruin the surprise.

Signing off,



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