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I Made My Vlogging Debut Driving A Ferrari Around Zandvoort

So, my sister bribed me with racing a Ferrari across Zandvoort in order for me to appear in one of her blogs. Now I normally don’t want to appear on video (I hate my face and my voice, not a good combo for video’s), but for this one I made an exception. We sepparately drove Ferrari F430’s across the track, and it was… awesome. Sadly, you can’t see me driving across the circuit (driving a Ferrari at 200km/h through Arie Luyendijk is hard enough as it is), but still, here’s the video.


A Collection of Wallpapers: Williams Martini Racing

The Williams is 2014’s hottest looking car. Not just the aerodynamic design, but also the livery is top-notch. The Martini Racing livery makes for some great nostalgia to the era of dangerous touring cars and Le Mans prototypes of the 70’s and 80’s. I made a few wallpapers based on this Williams Martini design, which you can find in this post. Here’s the first, the other two are after the jump!   (original)

VIDEO: Sucking at DotA2 Episode 01: Disruptor 2

VIDEO: Sucking at DotA2 Episode 01: Disruptor

There are many ways to play DotA2. Not all of them are good. Some of them are outright preposterous. My style of play borders on the latter, which should make for some interesting viewing. So, have a look, and decide for yourselves. This time, I’m ‘forced’ to play Disruptor, a hero I hadn’t played for a while. Things seem to be going great, until the game actually starts. Curious? Watch the video below.

State of Affairs, 14-12-2013 0

State of Affairs, 14-12-2013