All of my written reviews


Title Genre Duration Verdict
13 Assassins Action 141 min see
A Dangerous Method Drama 99 min see
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Action 105 min SEE
Age of Heroes Action 90 min meh
The Avengers (3D) Action 143 min MUST SEE
The Bourne Legacy Action 135 min SEE
Chronicle Action 84 min see
Detachment Drama 97 min SEE
Everything is Illuminated Drama 106 min see
Get The Gringo Action 96 min see
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Action 95 min don’t
Hugo Adventure 126 min see
Immortals Action 110 min see
Lawless Drama 116 min SEE
Looper Action 119 min see
Meeting Evil Thriller 90 min meh
The Muppets Comedy 109 min MUST SEE
Resident Evil: Retribution Action 96 min meh
The Rum Diary Comedy 120 min SEE
Savages Drama 131 min MUST SEE
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Action 129 min SEE
Stranger Than Fiction Drama 113 min see
This Means War Action 97 min meh
Tower Heist Comedy 104 min meh







Please, tell me why I'm wrong.

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