Gundam Camaro GT4 || ACC Custom Livery

If you aren’t a regular visitor of mine, you might not have noticed that I haven’t been publishing a lot of liveries lately. The last one having been posted on February 27th.

The main reason for this? Well, I was swamped with real-life stuff (a couple of vacations, my regular day job), and with the many commission requests I’ve been receiving. I figured I would stop publishing my liveries for a while, so as to not attract more attention. And to save up the finished liveries to publish later.

I’ve saved up 25. Not kidding, 25 finished commissions. And this is one of those.

This commission requested a “Gundam”-style livery for the Camaro GT4. I’d never worked on the Camaro before, but I did watch a lot of Gundam as a kid. In fact, I wrote an article about a specific series for this blog back in 2016. So even though I had no experience with the Camaro wireframe, I had enough affinity with the topic at hand that I dove right in. Or so I seem to remember, as this one has been finished for quite some time now.

The Gundam this design is largely inspired by

I decided to opt for a cell-shaded look, paired with the blue, red and yellow details of the Gundam suit this design was meant to mimic. I didn’t just draw lines across the panels, I also lined the panels themselves to have the panel gaps of the car also feature the cell-shaded look. Combined with a satin finish, I am happy to say I think I captured the cartoony look of the original Japanese anime!

Do you want to download and use the final livery? Feel free to do so by clicking the big red bar below which leads you straight to my shared Google Drive from which you can download the files (free of charge!). However, if you wish to buy me a coffee, you can donate to me through!

Download the Gundam Camaro GT4 livery here

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Gundam Camaro GT4 livery – studio shots

Gundam Camaro GT4 livery – action shots


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