TAG Heuer Porsche 99X E (2022) – ACC Custom Livery

Now that the second race-weekend of season 8 of Formula E is over, it is time to pay respect of the big winners of the Mexico City e-Prix: Porsche. This is already the third installment of my season 8 ACC custom livery recreation for my ACC x FE custom livery series. After last week’s Nissan e.dams livery and ROKiT Venturi Racing Mercedes, here is the 2022 TAG Heuer Porsche 99X Electric!

You can watch the showcase video above, or read my description and see some cool screenshots below. However, if you already know you want to download the livery, feel free to do so by clicking the big red bar below.

Download the 2022 TAG Heuer Porsche 99Xe

If you want to know how to install this livery, I explain it in this post. If you want to start making your own, click here for my tutorial to get started. And, if you want to see my custom ACC liveries, feel free to check them out here.

2022 TAG Heuer Porsche 99X Electric

The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team entered Formula E in season 6 (2019/2020). They’ve been mildly successful in their first couple of seasons, but looked on point during the most recent round of season 8, grabbing their first victory with a 1-2 finish.

Drivers Pascal Wehrlein and André Lotterer have one of the best-looking cars under their control. The 2022 livery only features a slight change in regard to sponsor logos. This meant I only needed to revise the 2021 TAG Heuer Porsche 99XE livery I created last year only slightly.

ACC custom livery studio shots

#36, André Lotterer
#99, Pascal Wehrlein

2022 vs. 2021 comparison

The changes I made to the livery are fairly minimal. I added blue rear wing endplates to bring the livery in line with the other season 8 liveries I’m making. I decreased the size of the TAG Heuer logo in front of the rear wheel arch, to make it more like the Formula E livery and to give space to the other logo’s featured on that part of the car on its real-life counterpart.

Furthermore, I reordered the logo’s on the hood and nose of the car, in line with the 2022 livery. I replaced the old BOSS logo with the new variant now featured on the 2022 livery. And, many logos were decreased in size by about 10-20%.


Moving to the rear (as seen above), I greatly reduced the number of logos to preserve the minimalist look of the livery. The ANSYS logo was moved to the rear wheel arch, to better reflect its positioning in real life.

All in all, I think this improves the look of the car. I hope you agree!

ACC Custom Livery live shots

To showcase the livery a bit better, I took the car to a nightly session at the Nürburgring to get some pictures. The results of which can be seen below!

And, an edited version of the shot above which I used for the post and video thumbnail;


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Do you want to make your own custom liveries? You can! I explain how to do it in this post.

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