CADACC Ferrari 296 GT3 || ACC Custom Livery

On my Instagram account, which just hit 100 followers, I ran a little poll to see which of the finished liveries I had on my backlog should be next to be published. It proved to be a tie between two of them, of which this was the one that was (chronologically) made before the other. So, I’m giving this one the go-ahead: the CADACC Ferrari 296 GT3!

The request was simple: to make something that resembled my previous Orion design in terms of style, but based around a brand (Nutanix) and a community logo (CADACC) and using their colours (purple and gold respectively).

Unfortunately for me, there was no hi-res transparent version of the CADACC logo available. So, my first order of business was to recreate it in Illustrator. This also gave me a better idea of what the logo consisted of: two golden lines running in a circle, one thick and one slim. This formed the basis for the first half of the design, the golden half, which is set to a metallic golden color.

The other half would be decided by the Nutanix logo. The logo is fairly straightforward. The font it uses has rounded corners, something which is reflected in the livery. The purple layer I gave a satin finish, to contrast better with the black base colour of the car.

The final result can be seen in the video (above) or screenshots below. Do you want to download and use the final livery? Feel free to do so by clicking the big red bar below which leads you to my shared Google Drive.

Download the CADACC Ferrari 296 GT3 livery here

Do you want to request or commission a livery instead? Follow these steps here.

CADACC Ferrari 296 GT3 livery – studio shots

CADACC Ferrari 296 GT3 livery – action shots


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