So yeah, these are today’s results. I went below the magic line of 2:10min/500m twice, and the second set was even below 2:09min/500m, at 2:08.6. I was afraid that after the first set, I would be too tired to pull it off for a second time. I was wrong, in a positive and satisfying manner. I’m actually pretty proud of this. It did help that people where watching me, that spurred me on to put in just that little extra effort. But as you might be able to imagine, my body couldn’t get off the machine for the first few minutes.

It was quite busy at Njord today, so we (5 people) had to train on just two ergometers, so we would pair up while the rest was watching us. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the machines with the better readout, so I made two pictures of the last set, one showing my average, and one showing the total amount of distance covered.

When everyone had done two sets of ten minutes, we decided on doing a little sprint over 500 meters. It had gotten quiet, so we could use the better machines again. Here’s the result of that one:

Yes, that’s a 1:47.3min/500m average

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