Design: Formula E (-lectric) Drift

In February 2020, Formula E announced its intention to introduce the Evo version of its Gen 2 design. This Evo design saw an update to both the front- and rear wings, and a new shark fin was added to the existing design. I thought it looked pretty cool, so I started the groundwork for an illustration based on it.

I started with a drawing (pictured below), which I scanned and used as a basis for the eventual design which I would make in Illustrator.

The original sketch

Unfortunately for me, a couple of months later the design was postponed (April 2020) and later scrapped entirely (August 2020), largely due to Covid. This was all before I had finished my illustration.

When the news of its cancellation hit, I put the design in my backlog. It was nearly finished, but I wasn’t happy enough with certain aspects of it.

A couple of days ago I decided to finish it, with some new ideas to improve upon the design. And here it is!

The Design: Formula E (-lectric) Drift

As well, here’s the original sketch laid out on top of the final design;


Like many of my designs, this one too can be found on my Redbbuble storefront! See below for some previews to articles which I personally think look rather cool!

There are many other products available. Check them out in the link above!


Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you’d rather see it in a different colour, I might be able to make a variant (and upload it to Redbubble). If you want to know more about the quality of Redbubble’s products, I bought and reviewed a previous design of mine. You can read my experiences here.

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