Design: James Hunt’s 1976 helmet (+extra)

James Hunt will always be seen as the “bad boy” of Formula 1. Not only was he famous for his ‘all or nothing’ attitude on track, his off-track escapades might even be better remembered. Hunt entered F1 in the 1973 season for Hesketh, scoring two podiums in his first season (the first being a third place in my country, the Netherlands!). He took his first victory in 1975 (again in the Netherlands) which earned him a promotion to the McLaren team. During the 1976 season, he had a legendary run for the title battling Niki Lauda, which was ultimately decided in Hunt’s favor. I can recommend the movie ‘Rush‘ if you are interested in his story, available on Netflix. After two more fruitless seasons with McLaren, Hunt made the transition to Wolf Racing but retired halfway through the season. He became Murray Walker’s co-commentator for British broadcasting, but passed away way to early in 1993 at the age of just 45.

Hunt’s helmet was the first true retro design I made, and it was a treat working on it. Anyway, you’ve come for the stuff, so here it is. Oh, and yeah, there’s something extra at the bottom.

Free stuff

Now seriously, if you like to have this as a wallpaper for either your phone or computer but you dislike the background color or you want the helmet to be slightly smaller/larger or a different aspect ratio, feel free to email me at (or click the link in the sidebar if you have outlook configured). Put the name of the driver (in this case: Lauda) in the subject title, and tell me what you want differently. If you want a different color, it helps me if you can tell me the hex code (i.e. #FFFFFF, which is white). If not, a description will do. I will reply to you with the product of your input attached!

Paid stuff

As much as I want to, I can’t magically make free shirts or mugs with this design appear. Thankfully, you can purchase them through Redbubble. As far as I have heard from people who have purchased designs by me before, the quality is good and delivery is in about a week. You can buy loads, such as the aforementioned t-shirts and mugs, but also stickers, phone cases (mainly iPhone and Samsung), hoodies, bags, journals, and even clocks. Below you can view a few choice options (which I’d love to buy myself if I could) and links to pages where you can buy them.


For all options, you can scroll down on this page. If you’d like to purchase something but want a tiny edit, feel free to contact me at If you purchase something, please let me know (either on reddit, facebook or twitter, links in the sidebar) and I will thank you personally!

EXTRA: Something a bit cheeky.



Okay, this one might be a bit immature, but hey, it is something different from all the more serious designs. Of this design, only T-shirts are available. You can find it by hitting this link!

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