Announcing The Privateer’s Pitbox’ DTM GT3 Challenge!

With the SuperTrofeo wrapped up, it is time to look towards The Privateer’s Pitbox‘ next event. Before we head into our next “big” league, we will organize a short championship. The title might have ruined the surprise, but our next (small) tournament will be the DTM GT3 Challenge!

The DTM GT3 Challenge is a short (two nights with two events each) championship styled after the 2018 DTM season. This means we have selected three GT3 cars reflecting their DTM counterparts: the 2015 Mercedes AMG GT3, the 2016 BMW M6 GT3 and the 2019 Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo.

The tracks are also directly selected from the 2018 DTM season. On April 9th, we will start at the Nürburgring after which we will quickly travel to the Dutch coastal town (like most Germans pre-Covid) of Zandvoort for the second round. The third round (on April 16th) we’ll head to the Hungaroring, and close out this short championship across the pond at Brands Hatch.

Below I will detail the championships full characteristics. Most are lifted directly from our succesful SuperTrofeo. The main differences are a slightly revised scoring system, no endurance race for double points, no tailor-made custom liveries but with the addition of a Constructors Championship.

If you’re already sold, you can register your participation on Simracing.GP here:


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The full promotional poster for this championship

Championship format & configuration

Here is a quick rundown of the facts for the DTM GT3 Challenge:

  • The championship features a limited GT3 selection, chosen to reflect the 2018 DTM season:
    • 2015 Mercedes AMG GT3;
    • 2016 BMW M6 GT3;
    • 2019 Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo.
  • 4x feature races with man, tracks chosen to reflect the 2018 DTM season;
  • There is no mandatory pitstop during the race;
  • Servers will be up at Friday’s 20:00 CET (18:30h UTC);
  • Racing will be done on the Simracing.GP-platform*.

*The Simracing.GP-platform is currently still in closed beta. You can apply with them for membership, but that puts you on a (long) waiting list. Instead, you can jump in our discord and ask us for a direct manual invite, or send me an email at

In the table below, you can view the full configuration for each race:

Event timetable
Free practiceDuration20 minutes
Time of day12:00h
Time multiplier3x
QualifyingDuration10 minutes
Time of day13:00h
Time multiplier3x
RaceDuration40 minutes
Time of day14:00h
Time multiplier3x

And here are the weather variables, which are consistent throughout all sessions and events:

Ambient temperature (C)Cloud levelRainRandomness

Championship Dates & Calendar

DateTrackEvent startEvent finish
April 9thNürburgring20:00 CEST~21:30 CEST
April 9thZandvoort21:45 CEST~23:15 CEST
April 16thHungaroring20:00 CEST~21:30 CEST
April 16thBrands Hatch21:45 CEST~23:15 CEST

Want these dates synched to your Google Calendar / iCal? Check out TPP’s shared agenda!

Constructors Championship

A new addition to this championship is the addition of a Constructors Championship, to add another layer of rivalry for our competitors.

To calculate the points for the Constructors Championship, the three best scoring results for each brand are added to a total. The points tallied are only the base points, bonus points are only for the individual Drivers Championship.

Scoring system & bonus points

The base scoring system is slightly revised based upon my experience with the SuperTrofeo (you can view its distribution here for reference), which saw a big gap in points between the top and sub-top. I have reduced the points the top three will earn, which should create a more closely matched championship. The full points distribution can be seen below.

The points distribution for the DTM GT3 Challenge

Like in our previous championships, there are bonus points up for grabs in the DTM GT3 Challenge. The system is identical to the Super Trofeo:

  • Qualifying: 1st: 10, 2nd: 6, 3rd: 4, 4th: 2, 5th: 1;
  • Fastest lap: 5;
  • MVP: 5*;
  • Luck Loser: 1**.

*The ‘MVP’ bonus points are awarded to the person who gained most places during the race relative to their starting position. In order to be eligible, the MVP needs to have set at least one valid laptime during the qualifying session. If two or more people achieve equal results, they will all get the full 5 points.

**The ‘Lucky Loser’ bonus point is given to the person who lost most positions relative to their starting position. In order to be eligible (to exclude people who rage quit during the race), the Lucky Loser needs to have covered at least 90% race distance. If two or more people achieve equal results, they will all have a point added.

Custom liveries

Custom liveries are allowed and encouraged (but not mandatory)! If you have your own custom livery, feel free to share the files on the discord. Before the championship starts, I will compile a pack of liveries to download for all competitors so everyone gets to see your creation.

For this championship (due to lack of time on my part) I will not be making personalized custom liveries for our contenders.

Why are you still reading?

Go register for the DTM GT3 Challenge now! Be sure to enter our discord (click the discord logo on this page) or to follow @The_Pitbox on twitter to get the latest updates!

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