Video: SuperTrofeo Round 5 Recap – Barcelona

Friday, March 19th, saw the third round, consisting of races 5 and 6, of The Privateer’s Pitbox’ second Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) championship, the SuperTrofeo! The first of the night’s two races, this one being at Barcelona, is now recapped in the (embedded) video below.

After three second place finishes and one fourth place finish, will I be able to get a win (finally)? Find out below!

As I did for our Ginetta Cup, I will be making race recaps by live commentating over ACC’s in-game highlights reel. You can see the resulting video of the fifth race below.

Twitch VOD and Clips

If you want to watch the events unfold live, you can view my Twitch VOD right here.

Some highlights from the Twitch VOD:


SuperTrofeo Results & Standings

Standings after round 5

I hope you once again enjoyed this video. If this SuperTrofeo sounds like something you’d enjoy participating in, feel free to register for our SuperTrofeo (there are still a couple of spots open for registration) and jump in our discord!

For the latest news you can also follow me on twitter @felixdicit, or @the_pitbox.

Previous SuperTrofeo Video’s

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