Finally, some Battlefield 3

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4 Responses

  1. ElvishGoalie says:

    Hello there. That is one thing why I am a bit sceptical when playing FPS on PC. I play ‘BF3’ on PS3 console. I must admit that 12v12 is nowhere near PC gaming experience. Do create an account in Battlelog and maybe you can find PC players there… They are willing to guide you.

    • felixr1991 says:

      It is absolutely epic, playing with the full 64 players online. You really get the feeling that you’re part of an army, everyone with its own task. Hacks are a real downside, sadly. The only thing we PC-gamers can do, is hope for updates.

      I have an account on battlelog, which is required to play online. The thing is, can help me more. At least, I think. Saw some tips and tricks.

      And ofcourse, it’s a learning curve. I won’t be the very best (like no one ever was), but I’ll manage. As long as I have fun playing, which is exactly how to play a videogame.

      • ElvishGoalie says:

        Spot on, my friend… Spot on… Till then, have fun and I too hope that hackers get kicked from server. I hate what I saw on YouTube with the instant headshots and stuff.

  2. Game, Game only Game….

Please, tell me why I'm wrong.