Video: Ginetta Cup Round 3 Recap – Laguna Seca

On Saturday February 6th, The Privateer’s Pitbox facilitated the second night of ACC-racing with our Ginetta Cup. Races three and four were on the agenda, with race three being the subject of this particular post!

Before we head to the video, you can view my live experience in my Twitch-VOD here.

You can (re)watch recap #1 (Monza) and recap #2 (Brands Hatch) here.

Recap of Laguna Seca

The above video is the ‘official’ recap, below I’ll tell my story (with cool screenshots!)


Qualifying result to Laguna Seca

I was able to put in quite a decent time. Unfortunately, Jeroen Jongen was just a bit faster: by the time the dust had settled, he had a small advantage of six-hundredth’s of a second.

Jongen driving to pole-position


The start was a clean affair. I was unable to challenge Jeroen for the lead, but had to look behind to defend from Bonner. Everyone made it through the first corner without crashing.

Turn 1

Bonner and I made our way side-by-side towards turn two, while I had the inside. In order to keep enough space, I jumped the kerbs a bit as I was able to hold on to second position.

“Look mom, two wheels!”

The field made its way around the track fairly close to each other, resulting in quite some opportunities for cool screenshots.

First time around Corkscrew

I was able to keep up with Jeroen at first, while behind me Bonner was threatening my position. I was able to hold on for a couple of laps as we top three increased our gap to fourth position.

Close through Corkscrew

In the end, I was unable to keep Bonner behind me as he outbraked me into the final turn. I did give him the space, as there was still a lot of racing to be done.

Bonner overtaking me.

Bonner continued this performance by pressuring Jeroen. A couple of laps later, he was able to overtake Jeroen into turn 1.

Bonner overtaking Jeroen

Bonner slowly drove away into the distance, while I kept (somewhat) close to Jeroen leaving Jeroen desperate to find the pace. Behind me, Till Vornam was slowly closing in on my third place position.

Bonner making a break for it

Unfortunately for Bonner, he wasn’t on his way to his first victory. Just like on Brands Hatch, a tiny mistake cost him two places. And just like on Brands, it was me and Jeroen profitting.

Bonner going wide in the kink and losing two positions

This resulted in a very close final few laps, with Bonner challenging myself for second and Till Vornam pushing behind him,

Final lap attempt by Bonner

In the end, the top 4 finished unchanged, as Jeroen was able to take his second victory in this Ginetta Cup.

Jeroen finishing the race

Results & Standings

The results of race 3

The above results show that Till made up a total of nine places during the race, easily winning the “most positions gained” bonus. In the proces, he also recorded the fastest lap, giving him a total of 15 bonus points on his way to his fourth place finish and outscoring Bonner in third.

Jeroen Jongen’s haul of 70 points means he overtakes me in the overall standings (below).

Overall standings after race 3

I hope you once again enjoyed this video and write-up. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy participating in, feel free to register for our Ginetta Cup (there are still a couple of spots open for registration) and jump in our discord!

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