Video: Ginetta Cup race-recap round 2: Brands Hatch

On Saturday January 30th, The Privateer’s Pitbox’ first ACC championship made its debute with a double header sprint race as part of our Ginetta Cup. While the first race on Monza was positioned as an easy race to start with, race number two at Brands Hatch thrust our competitors out of their comfort zones by adding rain to the equation.

In the video above, I comment on the events as captured by the highlight reel. If you’d rather watch my point-of-view instead, here’s my Twitch-VOD.

Below you can find a little supporting summary of my account of the events in the race!


Results of qualifying

I was lucky to get pole, beating Boo (Bonner) by an inch after him dominating the free practice and early minutes of qualifying. The track was a tricky mix of a greasy track with slippery wet kerbs.

With the top 5 within four tenths, keeping them behind me would be quite a challenge.

Iveco Gibbs making his way through Graham Hill Bend.

The Race

Because of a slight lack of cars going round the track between qualifying and the race, the track’s condition had worsened considerably. Add cold tires into the mix and you have a recipe for a turn 1 disaster.

At the front though, all went well. Although, I did lose my first position to Boo who snuck past me during the starting procedure but built on that tiny advantage braking late into turn one.

Bonner emerging in first out of turn 1
A busy shot from Druids as the field remained 2-by-2 for large parts of the first lap.

As the initial dust settled and the dry line started to reappear, I found myself in second but with Boo driving away. Behind, Pavel was closing in. I saw no choice but to open the door for him, hoping he’d catch Bonner for me. This would hopefully result in me being able to catch up with the both of them.

Pavel had lightning pace and quickly caught up to Bonner, while I remained a few seconds behind. Jeroen Jongen, having made his way past Andreas Schuster at the start, started to put pressure on me.

At this point I decided to turn down my traction control from a safe 5 to a 4, which helped me get some pace back.

In front, Pavel and Boo had a slight collision going into Hawthorn, which distracted me enough to send me to the grass. Jeroen was quick to profit, as he took away my third position into Westfield.

Coming out of Sterling’s, Boo had a big slide gifting Pavel Dolezal the lead. A couple of laps later though, it was Bonner who bumped into the rear of Pavel spinning him round. While Bonner waited for Pavel to recover, Jeroen and I were able to take two positions.

Disaster for Pavel and Boo.

My battle for third position suddenly got upgraded to a battle for victory. With only a few minutes remaining, I had to try and force Jeroen into a mistake. While he was sliding his car around a lot, there just wasn’t enough of a speed difference for me to force an overtake.

And thus, Jeroen was able to take home victory for this second race of the Ginetta Cup!

Jeroen Jongen finishing first with me close behind.

Round 02 results

Race results

I got 52 points for this race result, bringing me to a total of 62 points for the event with the pole-position bonus points included. Pavel was able to record the fastest lap this time around, while Jeroen took home ten bonus points for making up four positions this race.

Ginetta Cup standings

The competition standings after round 2

Above are the standings of the Ginetta Cup after round 2. I’m still in the lead, but Jeroen’s 71 points in race two means that the gap is only three points. Boo’s in third, with Pavel in fourth. Andreas and Oscar are a close 5th and 6th, and, well, you can read the rest!

I hope you once again enjoyed this video and write-up. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy participating in, feel free to register for our Ginetta Cup (there are still a couple of spots open for registration) and jump in our discord!

For the latest news you can also follow me on twitter @felixdicit, or @the_pitbox.

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