Things I Hate #2: Sunday Morning Television

In this recurring blog, I will point out a certain thing I hate from society, or just everyday life.Some of them might be common pet peeves, some might not. I will, however, always try to justify why I hate that particular thing. There are no real boundaries as to what it the topic is. The only one rule: I have to hate it. Don’t agree with me? Leave a comment saying why I’m wrong.

Sunday Morning Television
It’s 9 o’clock, Sunday morning. I have nothing to do, so I decide to stay in bed. The remote control is still on my nightstand from the night before, so I decide to turn on the TV. Big mistake. Big, big, big mistake. Sunday Morning Television is rubbish. Watching it makes my head hurt. In the following post, I will tell you why.

1. Televangelists
The Dutch aren’t very religious. We are even one of the most secular nations in Western Europe (source). However, that doesn’t stop networks from broadcasting religious services on national television. Even public broadcasting shows a service on Sunday morning. I don’t mind that old people, or otherwise people who want to go to church but can’t, can ‘attend’ a mass, but it does make for extremely boring broadcasting. It takes up space that can be much better used. The BBC, for instance, often broadcasts a classic movie on Sunday morning. In Holland? None of it.

2. Telsell
Apparently, Sunday morning is the best time to sell your crappy products on television. Listen, I don’t care how much weight you lose by drinking artichokes, or how healthy this new diet program that is ‘taking America by storm’ actually is. Anyone can lose weight, as long as they are dedicated. I don’t need a crappy product being advertised over and over, for three hours straight.

3. ‘Business Class’
This program has been running for eternity, it seems. I remember going to my grandparents on Sunday morning, and my late grandfather would always have this program on. He wouldn’t really watch it, he would just leave it on to perhaps listen to it, or maybe he just liked having the chatter in the background. The program itself is terrible; the presenter (Harry Mens) has people coming over presenting their business plans (which are almost sure to fail) promising golden mountains. It’s basically a platform for crooked businessmen.

4. Re-runs
Re-runs, the bane of my existence. My hatred for re-runs mainly stems from the amount of TV I watch at night, having seen everything the night before. This is mostly my own fault, of course, but still… Is it so hard to broadcast original material?

That’s it for this weeks Thing I Hate, stay tuned for more.

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