WEDNESDAY’s WEEKLY [26] (Week 30, 2012)

Hi there. Yes, this is quite early to do the Wednesday’s Weekly. I don’t care. Better early than never, which was the case last week. I feel like I’ve let myself, you, and the blog as a whole down. Inexcusable, but hey, sometimes shit happens.

Anyway, moving on. Why am I so early? Well, it’s because I’m at work and have trouble staying awake. I did almost everything I had to do, saw every link, image or story on Reddit twice, and now I’m bored. I tried drawing like I did last week, but I’m not motivated or inspired to pull that off again. So, why not blogging? If it helps wasting another 15 minutes, than that’s great.

Because I finally had new keys made for my mountainbike, I went cycling on saturday. Or was it friday? I can’t remember exactly. I thought I’d turn on my GPS, to keep track of my endeavours. It turned out looking like this. Apparently, my phone’s GPS is broken. Looked the problem up, apparently, there are a lot of people experiencing this problem. The only solution is to send it in for repairs. Shit’s fucked up. Luckily, I still have my HD2 which can accurately portray my location, so I’ll try taking that one with me next time.

I calculated the distance through the route I’ve taken with Google Earth, and it’s about 18 kilometers. Because I did it in 45 minutes, that’s an average of about ~25km/h. Which is not bad, if I might say so. If you include time I stood still waiting for traffic lights and the like.

On monday, I got the joyful news I finally achieved the first step towards my bachelor’s degree, getting my ‘propedeuse’ or popularly called, my ‘P’. The final grade I had to receive turned out to be a 9.5. Never have I scored so high on an exam (not counting the 10 I got for maths in High School). Monday night, I screwed off my head with wine and beer, which made a not so good combination on my intestines.

Anyway, I’m at work now. I’m listening Pink Floyd on my headset, and suddenly there’s a guy standing in front of me. My heart skipped a beat. He only wanted to turn in his key, luckily. But damn, did that shock me for a moment. Didn’t hear or saw that coming.


That’s it for this week, I’m afraid. Have to do some work-stuff.

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