Wednesday’s Weekly [9] (Week 13, 2012)

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6 Responses

  1. Luit Winters says:

    Last week was pretty much a downer for me too. I just came back from a NOC mission in China for a government agency, only to find out during the debriefing my objective was not accomplished, but the tactical nuke had detonated killing 50.000 people in a nearby town. Were gonna write it off on a flashflood -happens all the time. But I guess studying at university is hard aswell, especially with the flu and the headaches. Damn, you just got a raw deal!
    Then, when I got home, feeling fucked up about those chinese commies, I found out my dog was hit by a car when the neighbour toke him out for a walk. I found your site because I did a random googlesearch for Felix (my dog’s name).Found you, checked it out. Nice to see that others let out their hardship. Takes a man to be as straight as you tell it.
    Luit. J. Winters

    • FelixR1991 says:

      You shouldn’t have called your dog Felix then, seems to me he was struggling because all the other dogs made fun of him for having a cat’s name, which ultimately resulted in him killing himself because he didn’t get the support he needed. Naming your dog Felix might seem like a good idea, but think of the implications this has for your dog. I’m sorry for your dog, but I hold you, as it’s owner, responsible for his demise. Someone should’ve called the RSCPA.

  2. Rick A.J. Ashley says:

    Ah remarkable! I just went on a NOC mission in China as well. During my debriefing I heard I accomplisehd my mission by setting off the nuke. And my cat was still alive wen I returned home. Unfortunately, I made a road kill on my way back.. some stupid dog which traversed the road.

    Good luck to everyone.


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