Wednesday’s Weekly [9] (Week 13, 2012)

Well hello there. Remember me? I’m the one who usually writes this blog, but doesn’t do it very regularly, so you might’ve forgotten about me. Well, I haven’t forgotten about you, not in the slightest. I just had to lock myself up, away from my computer in order to study for my exam yesterday. But now, I have all the time in the world to write again, and that’s just the thing I’ll be doing. So hold on tight, because there’s another wednesday’s weekly coming up!

Last wednesday, I was extremely tired, so I decided to go to bed early. At aroud 10 pm, I fell asleep. That’s extraordinary for me. But it had a particular reason, which I found out on thursday, when I woke up with a high fever, headache and a very painful throat. Yes, I had a flu. Normally, I get sick only once a year, and I had already had a bad case of pharyngitis in decembre. The weather had already changed to nice springtime weather, but my body hadn’t noticed as I had to stay in my bed thursday and friday. 

On friday evening, I had to get something to eat, so I went to the local grocer. Because I was so extremely hot, I went and bought a magnum icecream. Remarkable as it was, that seemed to have cured me. The pain in my throat was gone, and so was the fever. Only a mild headache sustained, but that was gone too the next day. I was cured. But I still had to study for my exam on tuesday, so I went to the university library to study.

Normally, while studying there, I have to find a way to express myself, but this time I didn’t. It might’ve been the pressure of missing out on two days of studying, or it could have been the Ritalin I was taking, but I studied eight hours straight for three days, only taking short coffeebreaks to enjoy the sun. It went really well, I wrote a 40+ page summary of the stuff we had to study, but it proved to be of no use.

The exam itsel went horrible. Although I did know the concepts, they only made up 20% of the grade. The other questions I either mixed up, or had just plain wrong. I don’t know, I must be happy when I get a 6. Lucky thing is, it was only 45% of my entire grade, so there’s nothing lost. If I fail entirely, there’s also a resit that I can do. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one who thought it went horrible. I spoke about 20+ people, and they all thought it went like shit, so the grading process might be hard on the professors.

Anyway, there where a lot of other things going on this week, I had the first barbeque of the year last monday (which I will tell you about in another post) and I went on the hunt for a new phone but didn’t decide on anything yet. A certain store had a great deal on the Galaxy Nexus, but I was a bit dissappointed with it; it isn’t much better than the Galaxy SII. It has roughly the same CPU, a worse GPU, a slightly worse camera (although it is faster, it has only 5.0 MP where the SII has 8.0), and just 16GB of internal storage. If anything, I decided to wait for the HTC One X to drop in price.

Well, that’s my week. How was yours? Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments, if you dare.

signing off,


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6 Responses

  1. Luit Winters says:

    Last week was pretty much a downer for me too. I just came back from a NOC mission in China for a government agency, only to find out during the debriefing my objective was not accomplished, but the tactical nuke had detonated killing 50.000 people in a nearby town. Were gonna write it off on a flashflood -happens all the time. But I guess studying at university is hard aswell, especially with the flu and the headaches. Damn, you just got a raw deal!
    Then, when I got home, feeling fucked up about those chinese commies, I found out my dog was hit by a car when the neighbour toke him out for a walk. I found your site because I did a random googlesearch for Felix (my dog’s name).Found you, checked it out. Nice to see that others let out their hardship. Takes a man to be as straight as you tell it.
    Luit. J. Winters

    • FelixR1991 says:

      You shouldn’t have called your dog Felix then, seems to me he was struggling because all the other dogs made fun of him for having a cat’s name, which ultimately resulted in him killing himself because he didn’t get the support he needed. Naming your dog Felix might seem like a good idea, but think of the implications this has for your dog. I’m sorry for your dog, but I hold you, as it’s owner, responsible for his demise. Someone should’ve called the RSCPA.

  2. Rick A.J. Ashley says:

    Ah remarkable! I just went on a NOC mission in China as well. During my debriefing I heard I accomplisehd my mission by setting off the nuke. And my cat was still alive wen I returned home. Unfortunately, I made a road kill on my way back.. some stupid dog which traversed the road.

    Good luck to everyone.


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