WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [13] (Week 17, 2012) !UPDATE

I’m soooo tired. Had to wake up at 6:30 as usual. Did my morning routine. Went to Amsterdam. Held a presentation. Received a reasonably good grade (7). Went back home. Fell asleep on the train home. Man, I have no energy left. Might be a combination of little sleep and the physical exercise I had this week. My body is done with all of that, it just wants to lay in bed. I think I’m going to call it an early night, but not before I’ve made another Wednesday’s Weekly!

Let me start out by explaining the new look of the blog. I was trying out new things with the background, and the darker contrast really looked cool to me. But it was still missing something. And then it struck me. Color. I had to add a color. I’ve always liked the darkish red in combination with grayscale, so I tried it out, and wasn’t disappointed by it. But along with it, the blog needed a new header. I went with this format because it looked kinda cool (photoshopped it myself, thank you). I think it looks better now, too bad I didn’t make a screenshot before I changed it for you to compare. I will not make that mistake again before changing the layout, already saved a screenshot.

Yesterday, I got home just minutes too late to see Chelsea FC snatch the first ticket for the final round from FC Barcelona’s greedy fingers. I did see the highlights though. Chelsea had won the home game at Stamford Bridge with 1-0, and had to defend their win at Camp Nou. Barcelona looked certain to turn the tides, certainly when Terry got a red card for a blatant foul on Sanchez while the score was already 1-0 in favour of Barcelona. Chelsea held out for a draw though, and the final score was 2-2, with Fernando Torres scoring the 2-2 for Chelsea in extra time.

Today will see Real Madrid try to overcome Bayern Munich at Bernabeu. Bayern has won the first game at home with a score of 2-1, and a score of 1-0 is enough for Real Madrid to go through to the final round. I’m hoping Bayern will have enough quality to see Madrid off. Maybe a goal by Robben, the only remaining Dutchman at Bayern. I will be enjoying this match from my bed, I think. That is, if I manage not to fall asleep.

I guess that’s about it for this weeks weekly. If you have any remarks on the new layout, feel free to share them in the comments.

Signing off,




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