Wednesday’s Weekly [3] (Week 7, 2012)

Today is another wednesday, which means, another day where I have to force myself to write something, even though how hard it is. I’ll tell you what is up with my life this week, and more. Even if I don’t want to. But I do. I just think now might not be the best time to write, having just openend my second half-litre can of Heineken.

Anyway, here I go. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I never had anything with the commercial crap that is V’s Day. It’s an American thing, and I wish it’d stayed that way. It’s not that I’m not romantic. I see myself as an armchair romantic. I can think of very romantic things to do and I can give great romantic advice, but I never really execute it. That’s enough of the word ‘romantic’ for a whole day…

I never had a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. This year, it seemed to go different, until I decided to break it off last sunday. It hadn’t been going anywhere for months and it was just dying down. I figured pulling the plug early before we started hating each other would be the best decision, so we broke up in a (I think) civil way. Seeing it was just two days before Valentine’s Day, I might owe her a Valentine’s. But I couldn’t be a whole day with her and be lying to myself and her. It was over, and time to move on.

So, yesterday I spent watching posts on facebook about Valentine’s Day, which made me feel a bit guilty. I didn’t have the guts to even text her, didn’t know how she was handeling the break-up. I guess she’s doing okay, thankfully, after our texts’ today.

Anyway, enough about my personal life, and unto my academic life. Today I should’ve had a class at 9 AM, for which I would have woken up at 6:30. Last sunday, (the same day) I received an email from the professor: He’d fallen while iceskating and had a severe concussion and a broken jaw and cheekbone. So today, I had the morning off. Instead, I had to be in Amsterdam at 1300.

Another important event in my life the last week, was the death of my Xbox 360, which I’ve told you about before.

On another note, next wednesday means the start of ‘Sine Regno’, a week of partying on my fraternity. It’s great, except, I’m going skying next friday, so I’ll only be attending that wednesday. I don’t know about my next wednesday’s weekly, I think it will be a quick update between class and booze.

Meanwhile, I’ve finished my second can. A la fua, as the Italian’s say. Or, ‘let it flow’!

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