Confessions of a Dutch Formula 1 Hipster in the Max Verstappen era

Max Verstappen’s surprising win in the Spanish Grand Prix has left the Netherlands with Max-Mania. His first Formula 1 race with Red Bull was immediately turned into the first ever win for a Dutch driver in the highest class of motorsport. This has resulted in a lot of new fans among the Dutch, but also brought about some annoyances with this ‘old’ fan in particular.

Sunday, May 15th 2016, was in many ways a historic day. If you’re a Formula 1 fan, especially a Dutch one. Otherwise, it was a kind of uneventful sunday. On that day, Max Verstappen not only lead the first laps in a Grand Prix of any Dutchman, he was only the second ever (after his father Jos) to make it to the podium. He didn’t only make it to the podium, but he made it to the top step, the first ever Dutchman to win a Grand Prix, and in doing so smashed the record for youngest driver ever to win a race by about three years (previously held by Sebastian Vettel, 21-years old when he won the 2008 Italian Grand Prix). This had a remarkable effect: suddenly, the amount of Formula 1 fans and self-proclaimed experts in the Netherlands jumped from an estimated 5%, to 100%.

I have always been a fan of Formula 1. My dad was, and still is, a devoted fan of the sport. I was only three when Senna’s crash happened and I don’t remember it happening, but I’ve been told that for months, I was recreating the crash with my toy cars. I grew up with a giant poster of Michael Schumacher on my door, which came with my Carrera racetrack I received as a present when I was about four years old. I, along with my parents, spent unhealthy amounts on model cars, magazines, books, anything I could get my hand on. Not only did I see the races, I read everything about them I could. During a race weekend, my dad and I , and later my sister, would take turns trying to get the fastest laptimes on the track of that race. First in Grand Prix 2, then Grand Prix 3, F1 1998, F1 2000, and finally Grand Prix 4 before the rights to the license went exclusively to Sony for their Playstation-console.

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Why Heineken Will Sponsor The Sahara Force India F1 Team

A couple of hours ago, Heineken announced a deal worth 150 million US dollar to sponsor Formula 1 trackside. With an added provision: sponsoring an F1 team. This article will explain why said F1 team will be the struggling Force India team.

Renowned racingnews-website announced today that Heineken is set to enter Formula 1 in a sponsor deal worth $150 million, spanning five years in total. Heineken will join recognizable brands such as Rolex and Pirelli. Unlike those existing sponsors, Heineken has a provision in their contact allowing them to partner with a Formula 1 team. I believe, and will explain why, they will sponsor Force India as a title sponsor, making the team’s name Heineken Force India or something resembling this, replacing Sahara Group.

First things first. Force India is co-owned by firstly Vijay Mallya, one of the big industrialists in India most known for owning India’s largest brewing-company, United Breweries. The other owner is Subrata Roy, owner of the Sahara Group. Both are under criticism for financial irregularities and corruption in their native country, India.

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Barrier Breakers 2016; Turning the Internet into a (not so) New Political Frontier

Clinton associated PAC ‘Correct the Record’ announced their ‘Barrier Breakers 2016’ initiative, throwing 1 million dollar to their computer screens in hopes to improve Clinton’s likeability online.

A couple of weeks ago, Hillary Clinton associated Super-PAC Correct the Record openly declared to spend one million US dollars on a new project they called ‘Barrier Breakers 2016’ in an attempt to influence the online debate. “Barrier Breakers 2016 is”, according to communications director Elizabeth Shapell, “focused on pushing out positive content to Hillary supporters online to counter negative attacks and false narratives”. In doing so, the task force hopes it will help Clinton-supporters push back on ‘online harassment’.

‘The internet’ did not take kindly to this announcement. The internet, as it is now, is mostly a battleground between Sanders-supporters and Trump devotees. Sanders’ reddit-page has, at the time of writing, over 232.000 subscribers, while subreddit ‘the_Donald’ has 122.000 members. In comparison, Hillary Clinton has a little under 14.000 subscribers to her unofficial reddit page. If one saw everything black and white, he would jump to the conclusion this is because reddit is a young white male dominated website, blaming a lack of diversity in both race and gender for the popularity of Sanders and Trump over Clinton.

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