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The favourability of former Schumacher-fans and haters towards current drivers; do they differ?


I grew up watching, and loving, Formula 1. I’ve written quite a few articles about it in the past. One of my very first memories is watching Michael Schumacher grab his first Formula 1 world title in ’94, and repeating it in ’95. I remember being disappointed by him switching from Benetton to Ferrari, who (in my juvenile mind, unsoiled by historical context) were just a mid-level team. But, I endured the four relatively meager years that followed, only to see him rise to the top once again, dominating five seasons in a row. To people like me, these years were absolute bliss. However, to other’s, these five years were some of the hardest to watch Formula 1. This article will investigate whether this division has carried over to current driver choices with fans.

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Wallpaper – Ferrari SF16-H Outlined


I’ve been feeling creative lately. This is a direct result of that. It is the Ferrari SF16-H, which was raced by Ferrari in the 2016 Formula 1 season with lackluster results. It is not the most beautiful car, but for the purpose of what I intended to make – a recognizable outline – it was the prime candidate. It took me about four hours to make, divided over three days. Below you can find a direct link to a version hosted on imgur (1920×1080), as well as a link to the .PSD-file so you can either mess with the wallpaper itself, or fit it to your own resolution of choice if 1920×1080 is not to your liking. Furthermore, you can find the same files for a phone version (1080×1920).

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Make 2017 Yours by Keeping to Your Resolutions


After the dreadful 2016, 2017 has arrived. In 2016, we saw Trump take victory over Clinton, we saw the British exit from the European Union decided through a referendum. We saw numerous terrorist attacks in 2016, most notably in Brussels, Istanbul and Berlin. In Turkey, a failed coup took place, giving Erdogan a carte blanche to cleanse the three pillars of government from critics. Numerous musicians, actors and comedians died, concluding in the family tragedy which first took Carrie Fisher, and her mother Debbie Reynolds the day after. Furthermore, 2016 was again the hottest year on global average meaning that we are fast approaching a critical point of no return. No, 2016 wasn’t pretty. All the more reason to let it behind and look forward to 2017. There’s a problem though: 2017 doesn’t look like it will break any trends. In a few weeks, Trump will officially be president of the United States. Article 40 will most likely be triggered by Theresa May, fulfilling her duty towards Brexit. And, if you’re Dutch like me, 2017 will see important parliamentary elections which, at the time of writing, might give victory to right-wing populist and xenophobe Geert Wilders.

No, things look absolutely gloom for 2017. That is why I recommend that you, now more than ever, try to improve yourself in order to find joyousness. You will most likely not find happiness in 2017 unless you create it yourself. Self-improvement will cause happiness. With the world on the brink of disaster, it is important that we help each other in whatever way we can.

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