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The Death of the Market-Oriented Party/Candidate; why Clinton lost.


The morning of the ninth of november will forever be seen as a historical morning. On approximately 3AM EST, Donald J. Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 US presidential election while Clinton lost. A couple of weeks before the election it seemed as if the only one still confident of his win was Trump himself. Nearly every poll, including exit polls held on the day of election, resulted in giving Hillary Clinton an approximate 70% chance to win. Venerated polling companies, who make their living providing accurate predictions, were wrong. The likes of Ipsos and  YouGov were plain wrong in their predictions. The shock of Trump winning the election will only be surpassed by the shock this will mean in the field of Political Marketing. Prominent political marketing intelligentsia have been predicting a shift towards professionalization of campaigns, and this result has shattered the foundations for their assumptions. What does this mean for the future of political marketing? Keep reading

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Bethesda No Longer Gives Out Review Copies In Advance. Good.

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The latest drama in the strange world that is video games, is the fact that Bethesda (known for games like Skyrim, Fallout, and the recent Doom) has decided to no longer send out review copies ahead of the launch of their new games (note: just one day in advance). Games journalists, journalists, and gamers alike are outraged by this decision. This is yet another move by a big game publisher which tarnishes the trust between producer and consumer. At least, to the people who care enough about video games to be outraged by this. I used to be outraged by these type of moves by publishers, but not anymore. And neither should you. Allow me to explain. Keep reading

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Pokemon Go: Delving into the Statistics of Evolutions

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Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. I wrote an article about my first experiences with the game a few weeks ago. At the time, I was working on my master’s thesis, which was a quantitative content analysis. I performed that analysis with SPSS, a statistical program created by IBM. I used Pokemon Go to recharge the battery in between sessions, catching loads of pokemon. Mostly Weedles, Pidgeys and Rattata’s. Because I was in a statistical mood due to my thesis, I decided to keep track of evolutions, to see whether I could discover some statistical facts of the hidden mechanics of Pokemon evolution. Even though lots of databases have popped up,  such as Pogotoolkit, I still think my data has value. And here I am, to present my results to you. Keep reading

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I'm Felix. I'm Dutch. I like to write. I like to speak my mind. This blog is a direct result of that - dicit is Latin for 'says'. I'm a recent Bachelor's graduate in Political Science (major) and Communication Science (minor). Right now, I'm working on my Master's in Political Communication at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), at the Graduate School of Communication departement. The main topics of things you might encounter here are regarding videogames, movies, television, politics and internet-culture. Even my Bachelor's thesis was about internet-culture, so I do kind of know what I'm talking about. Happy reading!

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