Pokemon Go: Delving into the Statistics of Evolutions

Pokemon Go has lots of hidden data. This post looks at what difference evolutions makes to the CP and HP of any given Pokemon. Using a dataset of 168 cases of 27 different evolutions, I hope to create some clarity about the hidden mechanics of Pokemon evolutions.

Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. I wrote an article about my first experiences with the game a few weeks ago. At the time, I was working on my master’s thesis, which was a quantitative content analysis. I performed that analysis with SPSS, a statistical program created by IBM. I used Pokemon Go to recharge the battery in between sessions, catching loads of pokemon. Mostly Weedles, Pidgeys and Rattata’s. Because I was in a statistical mood due to my thesis, I decided to keep track of evolutions, to see whether I could discover some statistical facts of the hidden mechanics of Pokemon evolution. Even though lots of databases have popped up, ┬ásuch as Pogotoolkit, I still think my data has value. And┬áhere I am, to present my results to you.

First, some exploratory facts about the dataset. Of every evolution I did, I recorded the CP and HP before and after evolving, creating a dataset with 168 cases (n=168). A total of 27 different evolutions were recorded. By far the largest groups was Weedle > Kakuna evolutions, with 45 cases (26.8%). Pidgeys came second, with 38 (22.6%). 29 Rattata’s were evolved to Raticates (17.3%). Eight Staryu’s and Psyducks, and seven Goldeens were evolved. I guess it’s obvious: my city (Leiden) has lots of water (‘grachten‘), and the accompanying water Pokemon.

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How Pokemon Go Brings Strangers Together, A Personal Story.

Pokemon Go is all the rage right now. Having not even been released officially in the Netherlands yet, everywhere you ‘Go’ you can see people enjoying the game, at the very least in my city of Leiden. Why is that? What is it? A quick introduction on why Pokemon Go is so awesome.

Saturday morning, I am walking towards the university library in order to work on my Master’s thesis. My phone in my pocket, I walk past two tourists looking at their phones. Suddenly, my phone gives a slight buzz. I look at the screen. Right in front of me, there is a Dratini. I quickly throw a poke ball, and manage to catch it. Slightly embarrassed, I look back – wondering if the tourists saw my brief relapse into nerdity. They did. However, their reaction surprised me. They both throw a fist pump into the air, and in response, I do the same. They too just caught a Pokemon, and judging from their reaction, a rare one as well. This brief moment of understanding between people who would otherwise never have noted each other was beautiful. And it is exemplary in why Pokemon Go is such a great game.

My experience is not unique. Many video’s pop up with people filming and encountering loads of people walking on the street, looking for a Caterpie or Magikarp. But what is Pokemon Go exactly, and why should you care?

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I Made My Vlogging Debut Driving A Ferrari Around Zandvoort

So, my sister bribed me with racing a Ferrari across Zandvoort in order for me to appear in one of her blogs. Now I normally don’t want to appear on video (I hate my face and my voice, not a good combo for video’s), but for this one I made an exception. We sepparately drove Ferrari F430’s across the track, and it was… awesome. Sadly, you can’t see me driving across the circuit (driving a Ferrari at 200km/h through Arie Luyendijk is hard enough as it is), but still, here’s the video.

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