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My sister is a quite well-known/read blogger and vlogger in The Netherlands, primarily in the health/lifestyle-segment. Running is her thing, and everything that encompasses it – be it healthy food or (running) shoes. She is doing pretty well for herself, of which I’m pretty proud. While I’m not trying to put my nose too far up her ass (god forbid she becomes arrogant), there is one field I think she is kind of lacking, and that is visual creativity. Yes, she knows how to take a great picture, but in terms of visual design I feel I can contribute. And so I did. Keep reading

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My thoughts on (and proposals for) transforming GP2 to a durable Formula 2


On January 23rd, Liberty Media completed its purchase of Formula 1, immediately ousting former head honcho Bernie Ecclestone and replacing him with Chase Carey, with supporting roles for former team boss Ross Brawn (as managing director motor sports) and Sean Bratches (as managing director commercial operations). With the purchase came two lesser series, GP3 and GP2. Yesterday, February 2nd, word got out that Liberty Media intends to rebrand GP2 as Formula 2 for the 2017 season, a name previously used by the junior racing series from 1953 to 1984, when it was superseded by Formula 3000 (which was, itself, superseded by GP2). There was a revival of the name in recent years (2008-2012), but due to directly competing with both GP2 and the World Series by Renault, this revival was short-lived. Currently, GP2 is also plagued with problems leading to dwindling audiences, which the rebranding intends to fix. However, I don’t think a simple name-change will magically fix the problems the series faces. This post will detail these problems, and propose possible changes which would hypothetically fix them. But first, a little history lesson for context.

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The Information War: Putin’s efforts to destroy democracy by turning us into cannibals


Ever since Trump got elected in November, I wanted to write an elaborate essay on him, his politics, and (alleged) election fraud. However, since then, developments happened so fast, that anything I wrote would be dated the next day. I have bookmarked dozens of topics I want to address, making it hard for me to wrap my head around the sheer stupidity and maliciousness that is the, by now, inaugurated Trump administration. From Donald Trump’s Russian connection, to Rex Tillerson’s (former head of Exxon Mobil) Antarctic connection. From Tom Pryce’s insider-trading of pharmaceutical stocks to Betsy DeVos paying to play. Or even the six appointed with direct ties to Goldman Sachs. But what I’m about to write about is too important, too widespread and all-affecting to leave unfinished. Yes, it may verge on ‘conspiracy theory’-territory, but bear with me. I will explain everything to the fullest detail, using sources to construct my case. Keep an open mind while reading, and tell me what you think when you’re done.

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