Here comes the sun.


it is advised you listen to this while reading this post.

Today, I woke up to a clear blue sky. Since I had to write an essay today, for which I had to read two articles, I thought it was a great idea to read while sitting in the sun. So, I went to my garden (garden might be exaggerated, garbage dump might be more befitting) and took a seat. The sun was lovely, luckily I had my wayfarer on as to not blind my eyes on the pages in front of me. I read one article, so, I went back to my pc to write the premise of my essay.

While typing away, a housemate came by my room. “Hey, do you want to sit outside?” Since I was done writing my premise, and the only thing I had to do was read the second article, I was like “Oh, okay, great!”. I took the second article downstairs with me, along with a marker and a ballpoint-pen. Little did I know, that reading was one of the thing that wouldn’t happen that moment, as my housemate came around with no less than three bottles of wine.

Needless to say, I’m kind of buzzed right now, trying to focus on typing my essay. The last one I wrote was, in my opinion, kind of garbage, but still earned me a 75%. Now, I’m trying to write one while slightly intoxicated. As a practice, I’m writing this entry, just to be sure I don’t fuck up. The essay would probably not earn me a 75%, but I think I’m on to something. Maybe a 65%, or, if I’m lucky, 70. Who knows? Well, I know, this wednesday.

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