Wednesday’s Weekly (week 5, 2012)


Hi there, my new reader. First of all, welcome to my blog. Second, welcome to my new weekly column, which features a little bit of everything. What I’m doing, what I’m thinking of, and what I’m planning. This is the ‘diary’ part of my blog.

As far as the website is concerned, I’m currently pretty happy with the layout as it now is. Don’t expect any big changes. I’ve added a few things, including the ‘testimonials’, which I personally find hilarious. You might disagree, but that’s just my sense of humor. There are about ten of them now, which keep circulating when you refresh the page, which I find pretty neat. So start F5-ing the frontpage if you want to read them all.

Now for the real world out there. It’s still freezing outside. It’s currently -3 degrees Celsius. Like every year, whenever it’s freezing for a period of time, there’s talk of an ‘Elfstedentocht’  (for foreign readers, more info HERE). This year, a lot of places don’t even have a small layer of ice yet, because of a constant wind blowing up the water. However, there’s always a small chance, because it’s going to continue freezing until at least next week’s friday, as this graphic clearly shows.

These are just estimates, which are less accurate over a longer period. At least it’s safe to say, that the next five days will be cold, very cold.

I do hope for a new Elfstedentocht. I can still remember the only one that took place during my lifetime, on the 4th of january 1997. I was five years old at the time, almost six. I didn’t know the significansce of it, but my dad luckily pulled me out of bed at around six o’clock, and put me in his to watch the TV. I’ve watched it all, continuously, only taking time off to eat. Here’s a clip of the finish as an added bonus for you to enjoy:


So, there is a small possibility there’s going to be another ‘tocht-der-tochten’. I wouldn’t put my money on it, but if it’ll happen in 2012, its going to happen within these two weeks. If not, maybe next year…


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