Avalanche Andretti Formula E – ACC Custom Livery

I’ve been creating ACC custom liveries based on the 2022 Formula E season for a couple of months now. This post, introducing the Avalanche Andretti BMW M4 GT3 already marks the 5th entry into this 2022 series, and the 8th as a whole. You can find all entries for my ACC x FE custom livery series here.

You can watch the showcase video above, or read my description and see some cool screenshots below. However, if you already know you want to download the livery, feel free to do so by clicking the big red bar below.

Download the 2022 Avalanche Andretti livery

If you want to know how to install this livery, I explain it in this post. If you want to start making your own, click here for my tutorial to get started. And, if you want to see my custom ACC liveries, feel free to check them out here.

Avalanche Andretti Autosport

Picture taken from Formula E

The last couple of years, Andretti ran in a partnership with BMW as the ‘BMW i Andretti Motorsport’-team. With BMW, like Audi this year and Mercedes next year, pulling out of the sport, it sought a new title sponsor and found it in Avalanche.

Even though the team severed its ties with BMW, they are still using BMW’s powertrain this year. This gave me the opportunity to make my first BMW custom ACC livery.

Despite my opinions on blockchain and cryptocurrency-related topics (which is abundantly negative), I still really like the colour scheme they’ve chosen. The diagonal white band across the car makes the livery asymmetric, which offers a unique challenge when making a custom livery.

Avalanche Andretti custom livery – studio shots

I tried to recreate the Avalanche Andretti livery as faithfully as possible at the start, but I quickly found that the diagonal white band would not work if I did it across the bonnet of the car solely. Instead, I opted to pull it across the entirety of the BMW, and I was happy to have done so. Yes, it created a lot more work to get the alignment right, but the result… well the result speaks for itself – I hope. Enjoy!

#27, Jake Dennis
#28, Oliver Askew

As with all ACC x Formula E custom liveries I make, there are two mildly different options, one for each driver. #27 has a British flag ‘J. Dennis’ on the A-pillar and his number (27) and abbreviation (DEN) behind the driver and passenger windows, while the #28 has an American flag with O. Askew on the A-pillar and #28 and ASK behind the windows.

Enjoy some more studio shorts with details down below.

Avalanche Andretti ACC Custom Livery – live shots

To showcase the livery a bit better, I took the car to a sunset drive at Laguna Seca to get some pictures. The results of which can be seen below!

And, an edited version of the shot above which I used for the post and video thumbnail;


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Do you want to make your own custom liveries? You can! I explain how to do it in this post.

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