ACC Playercount Round-up: December 2020

At the time of writing, it’s January 2nd (happy New Year, I guess!). This means another month has passed, and it is time to see how the playercounts for Assetto Corsa Competizione developed in December. After last month’s round-up wherein I summarized five months, I’m back to my regular schedule again.

Keep in mind: this will only be a retrospective for December. I will write a full year review of the numbers in the following days. Stay tuned for that one!

In this article I will analyze the playercounts from Assetto Corsa Competizione using data from both steamdb and steamcharts. I implement these into my own spreadsheets, making my own easy-to-read (I hope) graphs.

December 2020

November ended on a high note, with the peak concurrent number sitting comfortably above 4,000 players consistently. This was boosted by (firstly) an unexpected 2020 DLC-pack, the autumn sale, and another lockdown for large parts of the world, especially Europe.

It is no surprise then that December wasn’t able to top November. December’s first seven days still saw a 4,000+ players concurrent peak, but after these initial high numbers the peak dipped below the 4K line. In the graph below, you can see the steady decline.

On December 22nd, the yearly Steam Winter Sale started. This did not initially cause the peak we’ve come to expect from sales. This could mean that those willing to buy the game on discount already did so during the Autumn Sale and that the discounted price didn’t wow enough people to trigger them to buy it. The current sale price is the same as previous sale prices.

Looking further into the graph, one thing becomes apparent: us simracers apparently do have family for which we sacrifice our racing time. Christmas Eve saw a low-point in the peak concurrent playercount, dipping down to 2,793 players. The last time the concurrent peak was this low was September 19th.

Last year, the 25th and 26th also had lower player rates. Contrary to last year, the numbers recovered much more quickly this year. This I think can largely be ascribed to Covid: a lot of people passed on the opportunity to visit their extended families on these days and stayed home instead.

There were probably a lot of new wheels on people’s Christmas lists, because December 27th saw 4,791 players peak, bringing the year to a close on a high note.


ACC had an average peak concurrent players in December of 4,018. This is slightly less than November’s 4,314. This was to be expected, because November had the 2020-DLC release.

The first week of December saw an average of 4,486, the second week dipped down to 3,918. The third and fourth week consolidated this dip with 3,815 and 3,802 respectively. The final four days of 2020 had an average of 4,200 to hopefully give 2021 a headstart on the playercounts.

As announced above, I am withholding a bit of information in this post, as I am creating a ‘Year-in-review’-post which will be published next week.

Previous months:

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