Wednesday’s Weekly [5] (week 9, 2012)

I know, I’m sorry. I haven’t posted since my last wednesday’s weekly. I have a good reason for that, because I went skiing with my parents. Because we only have one ticket for wifi internet, and my sister is financially dependant of her blog, she had dibs.

So, skiing. We went to the same village (Serfaus, Austria) I’ve been going to for all my life, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. The bartender of my favorite après-ski bar recognized me when I walked in. lift operators greet me, though I think they do that to everyone.

The weather was great. One day of sunshine, one day of snow (+40 cm) followed by another two days of sunshine, while the temperature stayed at around 0 degrees. Today, however, temperature soared to 11 degrees at 2400m. That means, the snow is reduced to a watery pulp, which is not fun or easy to ski on. So, I stopped a little early, in order to be able to blog a bit.

I’ve made some great pictures with the camera my sister has given me. I’ll post a lot more later, but here’s a preview to get an impression.

cloudy, but the sun is piercing through

Just one of the great views

very artistic.

after all that, taking a bath with a beer is best. 🙂

Yeah, I’m enjoying myself. I’ve selected a lot of pictures to be posted on this blog, I’ll see if I can get to posting them today. Anyway, I owe you the rest of the pictures.

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