Get ready for the first Privateer’s Pitbox (mini-) Competition!

This monday our budding little community ‘The Privateer’s Pitbox‘ got greenlit to race on Simracing.GP in their closed beta. Yesterday (tuesday), we did our first little test events on the platform, successfully I might add. Today, we announce the next step in trying out its full functionality: a 90’s DTM mini championship, tomorrow, using Assetto Corsa (1).

  • What: One evening, 3x 15min qualifying + 30min races in Assetto Corsa
  • Where: Brands Hatch, Donington National & Mosport 2020
  • When: Thursday January 7th, Q1 starts at 20:30 (server up at 20:00)

For this mini-championship, only the best 2 out of 3 results count toward your championship standings. This is for multiple reasons: firstly because we don’t want people to stop trying after one bad result. Secondly, we noticed people experiencing problems finding the server. Third, we want fun to be the centerpoint of focus, and room for error means more room for enjoyment.

How to register?

We race through Simracing.GP, so you need to pre-register your participation there. If you already have an account with Simracing.GP, you can find us among the list of communities and become a member. You can also use this direct link to the championship.

If you don’t have a Simracing.GP account, feel free to DM me on our discord, twitter or to send me an email at containing your emailadress, so I can send you an invitation to the platform which is currently still in closed beta.

How to find the server?

Yesterday, we experienced some bottlenecks with people trying to find the server we were supposed to race on, so here’s a short tutorial.

Step 1: check the mods needed to race.

After registering for a race, head to the ‘mods’ tab (see picture above) to download the mods used in this race from Racedepartment. If you get a ‘checksum failed’ error like I did last night, it is important you redownload and reinstall the mod ASAP to fix this error.

Step 2: get the hashtag

Each event and accompanying server has a unique hashtag. In the picture above, you can see #PD2GP. Copy “PD2GP” or remember it. It is important that you don’t copy the hashtag as well, or you won’t be able to find the server.

Step 3: find the server

You can enter the unique code into the search window. Make sure the search parameters are exactly as in the green circling, otherwise the server won’t show up.

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