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Get ready for the second DTM mini-competition!

Yesterday evening was the inaugural event for The Privateer’s Pitbox. A total of 12 people registered to participate, which was more than enough to create a fun evening with some semi-serious racing going on. I regard it as a successfull launch, hence we are organizing a second event on the 14th featuring a slightly revised setup. More on that later,...


Get ready for the first Privateer’s Pitbox (mini-) Competition!

This monday our budding little community ‘The Privateer’s Pitbox‘ got greenlit to race on Simracing.GP in their closed beta. Yesterday (tuesday), we did our first little test events on the platform, successfully I might add. Today, we announce the next step in trying out its full functionality: a 90’s DTM mini championship, tomorrow, using Assetto Corsa (1). What: One evening,...