Get ready for the second DTM mini-competition!

Yesterday evening was the inaugural event for The Privateer’s Pitbox. A total of 12 people registered to participate, which was more than enough to create a fun evening with some semi-serious racing going on. I regard it as a successfull launch, hence we are organizing a second event on the 14th featuring a slightly revised setup. More on that later, first, lets look back at yesterday’s event (of which you can view my perspective in this stream)!

The 90’s DTM Mini-competition #1

The first race was at Brands Hatch (GP). Unfortunately, the result-file didn’t get parsed correctly so I can’t link the results. What I can say is that Jensen Hasler nipped pole position by defeating myself for 0.05s, but did so on a slower tire compound. Bazza was third, followed by Guido and Pavel.

The race was a slam dunk for Jensen, who drove away at the start never to be seen again. I opted for the hardest tire, which proved no match for the medium compound at the start. By the end, I was able to climb back to third, but Ted Hough was able to comfortably stay in second place.

Race two was at Donington on the National layout (see full results here). Qualifying turned out to be an all Dutch affair with myself on pole, Geert in second and Guido in third. Unfortunately, Jensen was nowhere to be found. Ted was able to profit from this as he drove to a faultless victory, while we behind him struggled to keep our cars on the road. Second position was mine, while Geert was a close third.

The final race took place at Mosport (see full results here). Ted proved unbeatable in qualifying by gapping second place position (me) a whopping 1.5 seconds. This trend continued in the race, wherein he pulled out a gigantic lead of 45 seconds to second place finisher Guido. I finished third myself, keeping a respectful distance.

This means the final results tally (unfortunately excluding the Brands result) is as follows:

The 90’s DTM Mini-competition #2

Onto the next competition! This one will feature a slightly revised schedule, with shorter races (20 minutes instead of the previous 30 minutes). The tracks chosen this time are:

  1. Kyalami 2016 (link to mod), server ID: WPZ44
  2. Goodwood (link to mod), server ID: PD2GP
  3. Nurburgring Sprint (GT) (official), server ID: NDMQ8

There are three cars to choose from this time, the Alfa Romeo 155 TI V6, the BMW M3 E30 Gr.A 92 and the Mercedes-Benz 190E EVO II. You can register your participation through the Championship’s page on Simracing.GP.

View my previous post on how to find and enter the server through the normal launcher. If you use Content Manager, please visit our discord for a more in-depth explanation.

I hope to see you with us on track next week to see if Ted will be able to defend his title!

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