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Make 2017 Yours by Keeping to Your Resolutions

After the dreadful 2016, 2017 has arrived. In 2016, we saw Trump take victory over Clinton, we saw the British exit from the European Union decided through a referendum. We saw numerous terrorist attacks in 2016, most notably in Brussels, Istanbul and Berlin. In Turkey, a failed coup took place, giving Erdogan a carte blanche to cleanse the three pillars of government from critics. Numerous musicians, actors and comedians died, concluding...

2013 Is Approaching… 0

2013 Is Approaching…

For the fifth consecutive time, I was in charge of buying the fireworks for my housemates and me.  This is the result of that. €79.30 in total. Not really extravagant, as this amount is split among 9 people. We have a lot of simple stuff, and one giant pack for us to celebrate the beginning of 2013. I’ll try to keep all ten fingers attached.



A little update on the holiday game giveaway, which is still open for new entries, as I now have all the games that are going to be given away. As a proof this is not a scam, I’ll post a screenshot of my steam inventory after the jump. As of now, just 19 people ‘like’ FELIXDICIT on Facebook, seeing as I have 13 games to give away, if you enter...