Into Perspective #2: Gordon

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2 Responses

  1. Quite an interesting read Felix. I have to point out a few errors in your writing though. If you condone someone’s behaviour you allow it to continue. So I think you meant to say: We need to stop condoning this behaviour. (When it comes to Gordon’s ramblings). If you condone something, you allow it to continue. And I think you meant the exact opposite.:) Otherwise I completely agree. People should not in any way view this nonsense as being a good representation of the Dutch mentality. I find it quite amusing that there is a very strong contrast between the way the Dutch view themselves and the way foreign nations view the Dutch. The comment you mentioned in your article about the Dutch expecting people to speak Dutch when we are also able to speak English completely goes against my experiences with people that come to Holland. Most people would prefer the Dutch to speak Dutch because that way they can learn the language. In fact, a lot of people regret the fact that Dutch tend to switch to English rather quickly because that way they can’t learn Dutch. There are always two sides (or even more) to a story and it goes without saying that people should probably mind what they say a bit more. But I think that outsiders looking in always have an easier time than the people that actually try to understand each other and try to accept people for who they are. UN consultant (and professor) Verene Sheperd who created that Black Pete debacle also denied to visit the celebrations and that in itself more than validates my point that people should either see for themselves or simply shut up about things they don’t understand. If there are Dutch citizens that have problems with Black Pete or Gordon want to voice their opinion on the matters, by all means.

    • Felix says:

      You are absolutely right about ‘condone’, I somehow failed to use the right word, which is ‘condemn’. Thanks for your comment!

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