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WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [17] (Week 21, 2012) 0

WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [17] (Week 21, 2012)

It’s Wednesday, and that means only one thing: time for a weekly round-up of my activities this past week! But first, after typing that first sentence I spotted a motherfucking huge spider, freaked the fuck out and had a housemate come in and kill it. I can deal with small bugs, but this fucker was bigger than 5 centimeter. No photographic evidence has been taken, but believe me, this one was huge.  Back to the order of the day; learn what I did this week besides acting like a frightened...

WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [16] (Week 20, 2012) 0

WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [16] (Week 20, 2012)

It’s Wednesday, and by now I think you already know what that means: another diary-like entry to this site. Yes, ladies and gentlepeople, it’s already time for another Wednesday’s Weekly! What did I do last week, what have I done today and what am I going to do next week? You’ll read it in this entry, if you just click ‘continue reading’ in the bottom right corner. Come on, you know you want to. DO IT!

CURRENTLY PLAYING: Kyuss – Blues for the Red Sun 0

CURRENTLY PLAYING: Kyuss – Blues for the Red Sun

Sometimes, I like an album enough that I listen to it daily, or at least, a few times a week. Which is the case with this album, Kyuss’s ‘Blues for the Red Sun’ from 1992. Not only do I want to listen to the music, I also want to spread the word about it to others. Hence, this blog post. Why do I listen to an album from 1992, you say? Well, in the following post I try to convince you to give it a try (Youtube links incoming after...

Wednesday’s Weekly [8] (Week 12, 2012) 0

Wednesday’s Weekly [8] (Week 12, 2012)

Time is still flying as it is wednesday already. Can you imagine that? The week litteraly seemed to fly by, as did the weeks before that. What might be helping, is the awesome weather we’re having over here. Yeah, it’s awesome. Today’s temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, tomorrow’s will be 18. 18! Funny as it is, if it were autumn, we would be dissappointed by these temperatures. But not now, not in springtime! I’m going to spend tomorrow bathing in sunlight, basking in the glory of this beautiful early spring. Oh...